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[Sticky] Guitar and Piano Trance FLP FL Project File

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Are you looking for a decent Guitar and Piano Trance FLP project file? Then be sure this is probably the most advanced type of FLP project file on our forum.

This FL Studio project file comes with over 50+ samples and loops that are used within the project.

Definitely is a very nice Guitar and Piano Trance FLP project for free download here at “Just Producers”.

This project has been tested and reloaded on FL Studio 20 so will work on newer or older versions too!

Designed for educational purposes and uploaded on our old website, though it share it here after many many years!

have fun downloading! the download is free only for registered members so make sure to register!

Guitar and Piano Trance FLP
Guitar and Piano Trance FLP

Project Screenshot inside FL Studio –  Guitar-and-Piano-Trance-FLP.jpg
Posted : 31/08/2022 3:54 pm