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Free Guitar Hip-Hop 01 Rap Beat FL Studio Project

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PAV - justproducer
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Hey, guys, I have produced this Guitar Rap Beat that I wanted to share with you guys, it’s free to download and free for you to modify, edit or even keep as your own beat.

It’s a very easygoing guitar RAP / Hip-Hop beat with simple fundamentals and mixing.

The beat uses all FL studio core plugins of FL studio 20including Flex VSt that comes with FL studio, however, you will need to download Panagement 2 for the reverb effect on the main guitar instrument, get Panagement 2 VST for free here before downloading this project file so that it can open up correctly without any issues.

I would advise you on replacing the drum samples with your own kicks, snares, hi-hats, and perks if you’re going to resell this beat!

I am interested to see what you guys can come up with, so feel free to share links on here to your completed Full beat below this thread!

I might showcase some of the beats made πŸ™‚

have fun!

Guitar RAP Beat 01 FLP Project by PAV
Guitar RAP Beat 01 FLP Project by PAV

Only registered members can download πŸ™‚ registration is free!, sometimes check your spam folder after registering for the account activation password link)

Screenshot of the FLP Project file – Β guitar-hip-hop-01-rap-beat-fl-studio-project.jpg
This topic was modified 1 year ago 4 times by PAV – justproducer
Posted : 07/12/2022 8:43 am
caglan reacted
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Thank you so much PAV.

Posted : 13/12/2022 8:36 am
PAV - justproducer
Posts: 69
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@caglan you welcome πŸ™‚

Posted : 14/12/2022 11:09 am